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Austerlitz 1805

The Battle of Austerlitz, which took place in 1805 near Brno, is also known as the "Battle of the Three Emperors". Napoleon triumphed in the Slavkov region, defeating the allied armies of Emperor Francis I of Austria and Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

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30. 11. 2024

Brno – Tvarožná – Slavkov u Brna


Napoleon arrived in Brno on 19 November. He was in a hurry to provoke a big battle as soon as possible. He intended to defeat a numerically stronger opponent. That is why he escaped the pincers with which Prussia threatened him! If it had allied with the Russian-Austrian army in Moravia, Napoleon's situation would have been infinitely worse... During his stay in Brno, Napoleon was to learn that Admiral Nelson had meanwhile triumphed over the French-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar. Perhaps that was why he focused so much on the most perfect battle preparation and war tricks, through which he triumphed gloriously. 

Napoleon still looks great after more than two hundred years... Every year, thousands of living history fans from all over the world (many in period uniforms) reunite at Slavkov-Austerlitz to remind themselves and the world of the events of that time. The reenactment of the battle by the Austerlitz Association is always a monumental experience! The battlefield of Slavkov is once again going back to the time when the armies of the three emperors marched through the countryside - A thousand enthusiasts from all over the world provide an authentic atmosphere. You can hear the horses neighing, cannons firing deafening cannon shots, clouds of smoke billowing from replicas of period weapons... Will you also take part in the impressive parade of troops in chic uniforms? 

And you're wondering where the famous imperial trio spent the night? Go to the castle in Slavkov. You will learn that the Austrian Emperor and the Russian Tsar slept here the night before the battle, the French Emperor after the battle. There is a special programme called Once upon a time in Slavkov, and dozens of other events taking place on the anniversary of the battle are listed on the website www.1805.cz.

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